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    Updated so many of the mods that we won't list them all here, just know it was a lot. We also added a few mods and plugins. Those we will list.

    Dragons Radio Mod: It's exactly what it sounds like. No more terrible minecraft music! Now you can stream any music that you can find a website for right in game, as long as it is an m3u, mp3, or pls format, using the new radio block.

    Pressure Pipes: Tired of your gas and liquid transportation taking forever? Well this mod allows for instant transport of any amount of liquid or gas, as long as where you're moving it to has the space. It also allows the passage of multiple liquids and gases from just one pipe, much like the enderio fluid pipe works, only this will move gases as well.

    Stock Market Plugin: Making money will never be so easy... kinda. With this new plugin you have the ability to buy and sell stocks based on the actual prices of the stocks in the real world. You have the opportunity to make millions or lose it all. It all depends on how well you play the market.
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