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    Server Rules
    • Respect other players and staff and don't discriminate anyone.
    • Do not destroy, take or modify what isn't yours. This includes placing blocks on something you don't own.
    • Do not abuse any glitches or exploits you may find, when caught severe punishment will follow.
    • The only language allowed in global chat is English.
    • If you want to take the leaves off of a tree using shears, remember to take the wood as well!
    • No advertising other servers by any means. Mentioning another IP will get you banned, No exceptions.
    • No advertising Business Elite Plus on other Minecraft servers.
    • No use of client mods/texture packs which give you an unfair advantage. If caught severe punishment will be given.
    • Don't ask for staff ranks, as this will reduce the chances of you getting staff.
    • Don't ruin the natural water flow, if you see water that is flowing where it shouldn't be, ask a Mod+ to fix it for you.
    • No inappropriate/offensive skins.( even if it offends one person)

    Forum Rules

    1. No illegal content. This will result in a permanent ban, not a warning. Depending on the content, your ISP may be contacted.
    2. No posting content of dubious legality. If the staff cannot determine whether the content is legal or not, then you may be warned and your content may be removed.
    3. No viruses, ad-ware, or other harmful software. Linking to these or discussing their implementation is against the law, and will get you permanently banned. Depending on the nature, your ISP may be contacted.
    4. No death threats. Do not directly claim a threat against another user's life. Your ISP will be contacted and authorities may be informed of your activity. At the very least, you will be permanently banned.
    5. No personal information. Addresses, telephone numbers, and other personal details are against the rules - whether or not the parties consent to it. Even giving out fake information is discouraged. These behaviours will result in permanent bans.
    6. No engaging in file-sharing, piracy, or other forms of intellectual property infringement. We will not protect you if an organization subpoenas a list of names and IPs from us, we'll use preventative measures (such as warns) to curb this behaviour.
    7. No offensive images, pornography, or content legal only for certain age groups. This will result in a strict warning, and, if persistant, in a ban.
    8. No incoherent posts or purposeful spamming.
    9. No posting simply to boost Post Count.
    10. No proxy-using.
    11. No complaining about warning from other members, or begging the staff to lift a warning. This behavior is annoying and we will automatically lift warnings over time. Threads made to this effect will be removed; if it keeps up, the member may be warned more.
    12. No dodging suspensions, bans, or warnings; or attempting to skirt the rules to 'test the mods.' This is a form of trolling.
    13. No additional accounts, unless they are service accounts allowed by a moderator. Each person using these forums is limited to a single account. If they have already been made and are discovered, the secondary accounts will be deleted and the main account will be warned.
    14. No trolling. Trolling is irrelevant or controversial content posted simply to provoke a negative emotional response. Don't feed trolls (give them any 'ammo'; that is, respond to their statements strongly) because it promotes more trolling.
    15. No excessive profanity. Some swearing is okay, but unnecessary use of the F word, the S word, 'see you next Tuesday,' etc. may be cleaned by mods. If you keep it up, you may be warned.
    16. No flaming or flame-baiting. This includes attacks against someone's character when it is unnecessary for the conversation.
    17. No embedding malicious or annoying links into posts or signatures. Depending on the maliciousness, you may receive warnings or bans.
    18. No harassing or stalking other members, either openly on the forums or by PMs.
    19. No hateful, sexist, or discriminatory language.
    20. No attempting to skirt the rules. Users are expected to obey the spirit of the rules and members who are deemed to mean harm in their actions on the forums, as implicitly and technically fine as they may be, are subject to warnings from mods as if they had broken a rule.
    21. No non-English posts. These are English-speaking forums. Try using an online translator if you cannot post in English. If you as a user see a non-English post, try to post a translation for yourself or others to properly respond to. This won't get you warned, though.
    22. No chatting about engaging in illegal activities, outside of a serious debate and its context.
    23. No discouraging newbies. Communities thrive on new members. People who act poorly towards newbies may be warned.
    24. No annoying tags or text. Giant fonts, aLtErNaTiNg CaPs, and use of excessive l33tsp34k is highly discouraged and, if you keep it up, you'll get warned.
    25. No grammar nazis or spelling nazis. If a post is clearÔÇöwhether or not it is spelled and punctuated correctlyÔÇöjust read it and go on. Mods may quietly revise spelling, if they desire, but it's really not worthwhile that they waste their time on it. Deliberately obscured text might get you warned, over time.
    26. No resurrecting ancient topics, if you do not have anything important to add
    27. No double-posting or 'bumping' your threads. If a thread needs to die, it must be allowed die naturally. Multiposting and bumping might get you warned.
    28. No big signatures. Sig. length may be trimmed down by mods (usually, large images will simply be converted to URLs; the staff member may leave a note inside the signature). 600x200 pixels is rather large, and could be considered an upper limit to sig size. All images in a sig should be under 500kb to be respectful to those on slower connections.

    Freedom of Speech
    I encourage all the staff to apply the following guidelines:

    Insulting other players, directly or indirectly
    In this case, a warning will be issued to the abuser. Once the abuser reaches 3 warnings in a month, they will be banned either for a period of time or forever. In serious cases, the Moderators may choose to ban the offender either permanently or temporarily instead.

    Racial/Discriminatory insults or hate speech
    In this case, the offender will be issued a 50% warning (essentially muting them from the forums and making them unable to post without approval). If the insult is serious, the offender will be banned permanently or temporary but with a duration no less than 48h.

    Unfounded Bitching/Complaining
    Any bitching/complaining that is unfounded or not accompanied by proof (either screenshots or an audio/video recording), will cause the offender to be issued a 30% warning on the first offence, 50% on the second and a temporary/permanent ban on third. This includes unfounded complaints about the factions server (x cheated) that are not accompanied by clear proof.

    Bullying or Releasing private information about other players, without their consent.
    Bullying another player/user or releasing private information about other players, without their consent, will earn you a temporary or permanent ban. (in case of the temp. ban the duration must be no less than 7 days)
    Please note, that pictures obtained from public sources (such as facebook accounts), do not constitute "private information" and shall not be punished if the offending user cooperates and removes the pictures within 60 minutes. Otherwise, a warning/ban may be issued.

    Please note that these apply to the following sources a) any forum text, even texts in the user's personal signature/avatar b) any of our gameservers *in this case the punishments will apply both in-game and on the forums*

    PS: We cannot be responsible for insults propagated across skype. We will react to those, only in case of bullying or severe invasion of privacy.
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