Curse Modpack!

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Just curse or do both?

  1. Curse (Easier, more time for server)

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  2. Both (More work, less time for server)

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  1. YOYOK9

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    So after working hard we have managed to get BE+ on curse, WOOOO! This means you will now be able to download the pack on the Curse launcher. As well as allows us to update the pack much faster and a lot cleaner than we could with technic.

    Now your all probably wondering what does this mean about technic? Well at this time we are unsure if we are still going to update through the Technic Launcher. As it is a good launcher it has been giving us issues lately, downloading issues. We could update both but it will mean slower updates and more work for me and the staff and less towards the server itself.

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