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Curse or Technic(Failing)

  1. Curse (Easier)

  2. Technic (failing)

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  1. YOYOK9

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    Jun 23, 2014
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    Hey everyone, I have some bad news followed by hopefully better news... As you all may know BE+ has risen from the grave and has been working quite well over the past month. However after our last update the server has decided it no longer like me and refuses to behave. We are currently working hard to fix the issue and convince it that it is a good server.

    Now for the bad news. Technic seems to be a root problem for us as they keep altering how packs are set up on us. Causing downloading issues along with other things. So yeah.

    The better news is we have 2 options now. Continue fighting Technic and battling the server. OR moving to the curse launcher and rebuilding the pack. Moving to curse will be hopefully easier to do as well as easier for y'all to download the pack. However with the state of the current server we may have to do a server reset (I'm very unhappy with this too).
    This is where you all come in. If we decide to move to curse and reset the world we will have a few options for y'all: Please write your choices below
    World type: Default, Biomes O Plenty, or custom built map?
    Resource world: Aromas world (build your own portal) or One like the current server
    Tree capitator: Add it OR keep the challenge without?
    As an extra we will remove the hardcoredarkness as well. (good reasons)
    I am very sad it had to come to this. I don't want it to happen either but the server itself has spoken out to us... If we switch I hope to have the server back up in a week or so. So please bare with us, and don't be too mad.
  2. Bobynoby212

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    Jun 14, 2014
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    Curse will be a lot easier to work with for us.
    I wouldn't mind trying a Biomes O Plenty world type. Just to spice things up.
    I say Aromas world for a resource world. Because of... uhhh... personal reasons and moon problems with the one we had...
    Tree capitator is a no. I like chopping the tress down block by block :)

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